One-week check in


What’s true for me today is …

It’s been about a week since I started this blog and I am happy–and a bit surprised–to see that I have managed to post something new almost every day.

Several people have been encouraging me to work on a project like this for the past few years, but I put it off, made an excuse, couldn’t make up my mind what to write about. Silly really. I was just a bit squeamish about putting my ideas “out there” in such a permanent way. And while I can’t say I am over that entirely, so far so good. I’ve thought of something to say every day and, perhaps more importantly, I posted it.

It’s a bit inscruitable what we decide to focus on, or worry about, in the time we can just be having fun with what it is we are doing. Mysterious, really.

What’s true for me today is, I am very happy to be here, in this moment, writing and sharing this blog with you, and I invite you (always) to leave a comment and post what’s true for you today.


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    • Hi Maria!! Thanks so much for the support — I look forward to connecting with you here. P.S. I look forward to reading more about What’s true for you today … L

  1. Dearest Niece,
    Your sister posted your blog on Facebook and I just had to take a peek. Wonderful, inspiring, thought provoking, calming, questioning, love it. Thank you for sharing you. I love forward to reading each day.

    Love you. xoxoxox
    Aunt Jeanne

    • Hi Aunt, Jeanne!! Thanks for the comment — I appreciate the support and look forward to sharing — P.S. If you know anyone who would enjoy reading and/or commenting, please forward the link. L

What's true for me today is ...

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