Biscotti on the brain part two


What’s true for me today is …

Super happy my biscotti worked – that is, super happy they made up in flavor what they may have lacked in visual refinement. Ha!

In truth, having never made them before, I was worried. I brought a plate to work today and left them in the kitchen for my co-workers. I included a sign announcing that they were homemade and eagerly waited for the reviews. Positive! There’s something really satisfying about surprising people with a talent they (and me, in this case) didn’t know you had.

It’s a simple thing, really-making food to share with others. But, I think it was the best thing I did today (at least, so far; the night is young).

What’s the best thing you did today?


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  1. Yes, please share the biscotti recipe!! I have a good one too, but is more of a holiday biscotti. And send me some cookies please 🙂

  2. It’s true………. surprising the co-workers with something totally different that you do. My teaching colleagues were very surprised (and a bit perplexed) when they learned I taught middle eastern dance classes and occasionally performed. As for the best thing I did today………… bought a sandwich and container of milk for a homeless guy sitting on the curb. We had a short but good conversation.

What's true for me today is ...

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