Breaking up is hard to do


What’s true for me today is …

I’m breaking up with my gym expectations, and it has nothing to do with fitness.

The gym is a weird place–people are either too concerned with avoiding eye contact or are concerned with making TOO much eye contact. Whatever happened to normal chit-chat, like elevator conversation but on the gym floor. I know that’s one of the main reasons I go to the gym after work–to relax, de-stress, be around people–and from the nervous way other people linger around the gym equipment it seemed true for them too.

Not so much.

Is the average person simple unable to have a pleasant conversation anymore? I’m starting to think so. And until proven otherwise, I think I’m going kick all other gym expectations and good intentions to the curb. I’m tired of smiling at gym goers while sweating to butchered Michael Jackson remixes. My face hurts 😦 (Not really, I’m just saying.)

What happened to pleasantries, to talking to strangers?


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  1. I thought it must’ve just been the gym that I go to! I go to quite a small gym so I tend to see the same people all the time also, but still I get nothing from them. I’ve given up on attempting pleasant chit chat!

  2. Just wondering if different gyms have different vibes. Just wondering if it’s a generational issue. We middle aged seem to chit chat at the gym and Zumba. I do think that baby boomers do converse more with strangers. Just an observation.

  3. It does seem more difficult to meet people these days, even in more “social” settings. People seem to be set on their work, their task, and then moving on to something else. I attend short workshops at a local metaphysical shop first off to hear about the topic but also to meet people with common interests. I often exchange cards and phone numbers with the mutual idea that we will talk again, possibly get together. It never happens! Waz up? Perhaps people are that busy. Perhaps they are shy. Perhaps people have forgotten how to communicate on a personal level………too busy texting. That’s it! See if you can text at the gym.

  4. Gyms have become the new elevators. Similarly, neighborhoods have become the new elevators. How many people would feel comfortable asking their neighbor for a cup of sugar? I’ve lived in my condo for 1 year and I have never had more than a 2 minute conversation with any of my neighbors. I would like to make friends, but I also don’t want to live too close to my friends (good think you’re in Portland, Lauren).

What's true for me today is ...

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