Pumpkin muffin parable


What’s true for me today is …

I’m elated – to be blogging in the morning! Pause for a contemplative sigh of appreciation 🙂 I’m typically working at this time, so the opportunity to take a mental health day (overdue) and write about my pumpkin muffin experience (essential), is quite a pleasure.

So …

Last night I made healthy pumpkin spice muffins. Notice, ‘healthy’ was not in quotations. They really were. I made a point to find a healthy recipe because the idea of pouring a cup and a half of sugar into 12 muffins gives me the willies. Instead, I found a recipe for oat flour and flax muffins with a dainty oat and chocolate sprinkle topping–admittedly, the best part. They were lovely (insert mental image of perfectly round, pumpkin-hued muffins with an oat crisp topping – sorry, my camera is broken).

I mean, they were so lovely, I even used a dessert fork for the first few bites. Only, the first few bites where underwhelming. No spice. No sweet. No decadent, lingering first impression. Healthy and filling, and a total let down.

But, why? The muffins had very little sugar, which is what I wanted. They had a great burnt orange color, which is what I wanted. They even had an assortment of fiber and omega-3 ingredients. But–I also wanted to feel pleased with, and proud of my culinary accomplishment, which I didn’t.

Truth be told – the “have your cake and eat it too” conundrum is alive and well folks. We might was well accept it (and blog about it). Personally, I think my pumpkin muffin “moxie” is a metaphor for something – I’m just not sure what yet. Any ideas?




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  1. I think your pumpkin muffins sounds fabulous. I think that you taking a much deserved day off is also fabulous.
    Aside from the deeper metaphor for which you are searching, there is a surface level topic here…I will let the more writing savy individuals have at the metaphor conversation. Your pumpkin muffins won’t taste like the real thing on your first attempt at making them healthy. Do you know how many failed gluten-free baking adventures I have taken only to find out that practice makes perfect? Keep practicing. Find other healthier sweeteners to give it the sweetness you want such as Stevia. Add some applesauce to keep in moist. Just don’t give up. Don’t let the healthy pumpkin muffins defeat you!
    I also want to add that, after not eating “normal” bakery items for over 5 years and only eating gluten-free and fairly healthy baked items if any at all, once you stop eating the unhealthy versions, you somewhat forget what they taste like. The taste of the new, healthy version becomes normal. I’m pretty sure there’s a metaphor in this as well! 🙂
    Enjoy your day off! So proud of you and I LOVE your new blog!

  2. What I’ve noticed about “some” healthy treats is… they weigh a ton and don’t taste very good.

    What’s true for me today is my daughter-in-law is awesome. She wants me to spend Christmas with her again. That means I get to see my granddaughter open her gifts. I get to see my son who has been stationed in Honduras. I’m soooooooooooo excited that he will now be in the states. Life is wonderful.

  3. What’s true for me today is that I am so jealous of your effort to make pumpkin muffins! Reading this post reminds me of how much creativity and pleasure there is to be found in the act of cooking. Clearly I am experiencing grass is greener syndrome since my life (read: grad school hella long reading assignments that make no sense) is so busy that I am barely able to feed myself with frozen burritos and cereal right now. Even crappy muffins sound delicious.

  4. I have been eating cheap winco pumpkin muffins in the morning. They are ok but home made ones would be better. You can make them however you want. Have you thought about using honey or some other type of healthy alternative to add a bit of breakfast sweetness? Just an idea.

  5. Here’s my take on the deeper level of the pumpkin muffins. They are the serious, heaviness of life. We must keep our expectations light and sweet and still healthy.
    Love your blog!

What's true for me today is ...

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