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What’s true for me today is …

I was feeling a bit guilty about not posting for the past few days. But, to be honest, I couldn’t think of anything to say. Nasty colds do that to me; the congestion (aka head-full-of-cotton) haze does that to me every time. And though I have been feeling better today, I was sans topic for my post … until I found a writing blog called  The One-Minute Writer. Of the 1,440 minutes we have in our day, surely one can be spared and dedicated to writing, especially when The One-Minute Writer provides a daily prompt. Today’s prompt is: What do you prefer when it’s mass produced?

My answer:

What do you prefer when it’s massed produced?

Books. Without the mass production of books, courtesy of the printing press circa 1440, access to knowledge would still be the privilege and trade of too few. One could argue that books — and all their iterations, including magazines, ebooks, web-based texts, etc. — fuels the democratization of knowledge like oxygen fuels flame (let’s just keep those books out of the fire).

What is your answer for the question: What do you prefer when it’s massed produced?


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  1. I agree that books are the best massed produced product. And – cars. I could not have the life I love without a safe, sturdy, not-crazy-expensive automobile. Weird to think that my grandparents did not drive, much less own cars. I am loathe to admit that I buy into the shallow, superficial belief in automobiles as status symbols. What an embarrassing admission.

  2. Excellent classical or world music CDs! There are some marvelous musicians playing great music out there. I can’t imagine my life without the music I so enjoy. However, I also agree with the comments about books………..and electricity…………and about the convenience of driving. Thanks for providing a topic that can now be connected to my “gratitutdes” list.

  3. Humility. Tapioca pudding. Universes. Dimensions. Realities. Organisms. Planets. Oxygen (the element). Books is good stuff. Medical equipment and supplies.

What's true for me today is ...

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