Indoor-outdoor living takes on new meaning


What’s true for me today is …

Wonders never cease.

Every weekday morning on the way to work I walk through my apartment building’s gray, musty cement basement, out the door, and follow the sidewalk a half-block or so to where I park my car. It’s been uneventful for the better part of three years.

Today I took the steady course of action, walked the same steps through the basement, out the door, around the corner, down the sidewalk path to the underground structure and my car and … a giant pea pod hanging mid-air. I kid you not.

I stopped. I tried to see what it was I was seeing through my early morning, foggy, near awareness. There is was: crescent shaped, contoured, and bright green before me. There it was: a man tucked tight and sleeping in an army hammock strung between two cement pillars where, every morning before, the air was empty.

I have many neighborhoods who live outdoors, but I have never seen this before. Ingenuity, really. The hammock makes sense: hung mid-air a man is off the cold ground, cocooned. A man forced to sleep in a hammock in an underground parking garage besides rented parking spaces and locked dumpsters … I am not sure what kind of sense that makes.

What unusual or curious or out-of-the ordinary things have you seen lately?



About Lauren

L.J. Shapiro is a writer, yogi, and obsessive iPhotographer living in Southern California. She holds an MS in Writing and Book Publishing from Portland State University and has more than 10 years’ experience writing and editing for commercial and creative enterprises. Recent work has appeared in YOGANONYMOUS. She says: “Color, texture, words, gasps, exhales, divinity, darkness, lush florals, and lapis oceans. It’s about the details.”

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  1. I saw quite a few unusual things in Las Vegas last week. One was a panel truck with a huge sign
    that said, “We deliver girls to your front door.” I’m sure there weren’t any women in the back of the truck but you couldn’t help but wonder.

  2. The hammock man showed creativity and a sense of hope that there is something better. While in Portland I saw a food truck that sold schnitzel-wiches. I get indigestion just thinking of it.

What's true for me today is ...

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