One Minute Writer: is there anything you’d want to protest


What’s true for me today is …

The One-Minute Writer asked as I accept the invitation to answer this baiting question: Is there anything that you’d want to protest?

Yes! I’d like to protest snarky email/social media tone and phrases like “Don’t you think …,” “I hope you’re not …, ” and “You wouldn’t want to, would you?” I protest all devilish remonstrations couched in careful questions sneakily designed to draw you in, to comment, to agree. Come on now – it’s OK. We don’t all have to agree for the world to be a happy place. We do, however, need to communicate respectfully. So the next time you read an email or a blog or a Facebook post and disagree, take pause before unleashing the snark. Your incensed initial reaction may quickly pass, but bad vibes tend to linger. Know what I mean?

Any words, phrasings, or tones you’d like to protest?

You can read other’s responses to this question and the full-length One-Minute Writer prompt online here.


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  1. I get really “snarky” when I read “You haven’t checked your…………lately……” , which makes me feel like a naughty school child. If I’m not checking or replying, I don’t want to!

  2. I’d like to protest against every employee at every retail establishment who needlessly asks me…”Can I help you today? Did you find everything that you were looking for?” Really…how difficult is it to find yogurt in a supermarket. Next on my list…telephone customer service representatives and the catch phrases that they are forced to use. Such as…”I’m here to meet or exceed your expectations.” If that truly were the case…why was I on hold for 20 minutes and why is it necessary for me to repeat my personal information three or four times in the same conversation?

What's true for me today is ...

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