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About this blog …


Sometimes things seem to change quickly, sometimes glacially. I have been feeling more the tortoise than the hare lately.

However, I have also decided that though I may not feel it, though however imperceptible it made be, things are–in fact–changing all the time. My logical mind tells me this. My heart, hmmmm …. working to catch up.

To do that, I have decided to look at the small, simple truths I think and feel on a daily basis because: #1 I suspect it may be very entertaining (and I like laughing) and; #2 how better “to be” in my daily life than to immerse myself in the tidbit details of how I actually live.

That’s what this blog is about–the details–and a daily (at least frequent) response to the simple prompt: What’s true for me today is _________________.

I invite you to comment on anything that rings true for you AND to post your own response(s) to the prompt. I look forward to sharing this daily writing practice, daily experience with you.