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A skinny jean rant (sorry,can’t help it)


What’s true for me today is …

I’m a bit peeved at the skinny jean phenomenon. Don’t get me wrong, I love them–neatly splayed on a clothing store table. They’re gorgeous; the rich, bright colors draw me in like kid and her crayon box. But, what are they? They’re too thin to be pants, too thick to be tissue paper, and too trendy a niche item to really look good on anyone.

True, I saw some red ones like these and HAD to try them on. Love them. And true, my reflection and I had a good laugh. Which got me thinking, can too much information be a good thing? I mean, I’m all for creative attire to attract some attention, but when you have all the information up front, is that really a benefit? Whatever happened to appeal–as in, appealing to the senses and imagination? Am I right or are unisex skinny jeans actually the tie-dye of this generation?

Personally, I’m trying to think of these too-skinny jeans as a writing metaphor so I understand it. But, it’s like crafting a novel out of simple sentences–very transparent. Now, I’m all for a degree of transparency in writing (as in, telling the simplest version of the truth) because I believe the reader (and people in general) respond to sincerity; however, a novel stringing simple sentences wouldn’t be very novel at all (i.e., you can only See Spot Run once before you’ve seen it all).

I wonder, what would Hemingway, famous for his short sentences, have to say about writing and the pursuit of the Great American Skinny Jeans?


Apologies. I’m feeling a bit punchy today.