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No quota on success


What’s true for me today is …

There is no quota on success. It’s something I think about when I work on my writing–the odds of success. What percentage of writers have what percentage of work published what percentage of time? Sounds like a formula with a lot of gravity and I was never very good at math.

Oh well. Not important today. It’s Labor Day, a day to take a break from the toil of “heavy” labors (but not from labors of love, I suppose. I’m OK with that).

What’s true for me today is … there is no other single accomplishment that can take my place; there is no limit to what I can create and achieve with my creativity. My success is mine to own and engineer and share.

Whew! That’s a big realization — some emotional “heavy lifting” on Labor Day. What can I say … it comes as it comes when I write.

When do you do your best emotional “heavy lifting”?