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Me and my inner foodie


What’s true for me today is …

My inner foodie lives! I thought I was immune – really. But then, I only started cooking a few months ago. For the better part of my adult life, I have been what I affectionately call An Assembler: assemblers are more than willing to cut up or heat up foods, but little more. Needless to say, I’ve eaten my fair share of salads.

All in the past. Sometime late summer, the compulsion took root and I’ve been baking, broiling, and being pleased to devour all manner of treats (some I’ve even blogged about!).

So, what changed The Assembler into An Oven User? Friends and family have asked, but I cannot say for certain. What I can say, with certainty, is that purchased foods taste different now, though I am not sure if my palette has changed or my relationship to food and eating. (Or, perhaps I’m just so impressed with my new-found abilities, my expectations are through the roof? A combination, most likely.)

For someone like me, someone in a small apartment, someone without a dining room let alone a dining table, entertaining the entire process of cooking a full meal is a novelty. It’s also been an unexpected pleasure (and, don’t forget or underestimate, an opportunity to be impressed with myself).

What kind of cook are you? I challenge you to describe your cooking style in 2-5 words (and to post it here)!





One Minute Writer: is there anything you’d want to protest


What’s true for me today is …

The One-Minute Writer asked as I accept the invitation to answer this baiting question: Is there anything that you’d want to protest?

Yes! I’d like to protest snarky email/social media tone and phrases like “Don’t you think …,” “I hope you’re not …, ” and “You wouldn’t want to, would you?” I protest all devilish remonstrations couched in careful questions sneakily designed to draw you in, to comment, to agree. Come on now – it’s OK. We don’t all have to agree for the world to be a happy place. We do, however, need to communicate respectfully. So the next time you read an email or a blog or a Facebook post and disagree, take pause before unleashing the snark. Your incensed initial reaction may quickly pass, but bad vibes tend to linger. Know what I mean?

Any words, phrasings, or tones you’d like to protest?

You can read other’s responses to this question and the full-length One-Minute Writer prompt online here.

Indoor-outdoor living takes on new meaning


What’s true for me today is …

Wonders never cease.

Every weekday morning on the way to work I walk through my apartment building’s gray, musty cement basement, out the door, and follow the sidewalk a half-block or so to where I park my car. It’s been uneventful for the better part of three years.

Today I took the steady course of action, walked the same steps through the basement, out the door, around the corner, down the sidewalk path to the underground structure and my car and … a giant pea pod hanging mid-air. I kid you not.

I stopped. I tried to see what it was I was seeing through my early morning, foggy, near awareness. There is was: crescent shaped, contoured, and bright green before me. There it was: a man tucked tight and sleeping in an army hammock strung between two cement pillars where, every morning before, the air was empty.

I have many neighborhoods who live outdoors, but I have never seen this before. Ingenuity, really. The hammock makes sense: hung mid-air a man is off the cold ground, cocooned. A man forced to sleep in a hammock in an underground parking garage besides rented parking spaces and locked dumpsters … I am not sure what kind of sense that makes.

What unusual or curious or out-of-the ordinary things have you seen lately?


Sometimes someone has already said it better


What’s true for me today is …

I am very grateful to have found the blog Live to Write – Write to Live and their new article “How Blogging Taught Me to Be  Better Writer.” I wish I had seen this article the other day while working on my post Blogging to write vs writing to blog. The author, Lee Laughlin, includes 10 lessons she has learned from her time blogging. I recommend you check it out – my favorites are #2 Discipline and #7 Somtimes good enough has to be good enough.

Seems a bit weird to “like” the idea of discipline in some ways, but I can’t help it. Reminds me of a writing assignment I like to give my research writing students about what discipline and writing in a discipline means. Most misinterpret the question and start talking about how they hate discipline because their parents were strict or they once had a mean teacher. Makes me giggle – totally not what the assignment is looking for. But, it humbles me to – totally brave to share personal experience and perceptions.

I like the reminder about discipline because one of the reasons I started this blog is to get into the habit of writing every day. I know I am not there yet (no reminders needed), but I am working on it. It’s good to hear others need the same reminder from time to time.

I’d love for you to check out the post here and leave comment about which of the 10 lessons most speaks to you and your life, whether you are a writer or a blogger or a reader or a dancer or a Prince Charming in disguise, or or or …


A skinny jean rant (sorry,can’t help it)


What’s true for me today is …

I’m a bit peeved at the skinny jean phenomenon. Don’t get me wrong, I love them–neatly splayed on a clothing store table. They’re gorgeous; the rich, bright colors draw me in like kid and her crayon box. But, what are they? They’re too thin to be pants, too thick to be tissue paper, and too trendy a niche item to really look good on anyone.

True, I saw some red ones like these and HAD to try them on. Love them. And true, my reflection and I had a good laugh. Which got me thinking, can too much information be a good thing? I mean, I’m all for creative attire to attract some attention, but when you have all the information up front, is that really a benefit? Whatever happened to appeal–as in, appealing to the senses and imagination? Am I right or are unisex skinny jeans actually the tie-dye of this generation?

Personally, I’m trying to think of these too-skinny jeans as a writing metaphor so I understand it. But, it’s like crafting a novel out of simple sentences–very transparent. Now, I’m all for a degree of transparency in writing (as in, telling the simplest version of the truth) because I believe the reader (and people in general) respond to sincerity; however, a novel stringing simple sentences wouldn’t be very novel at all (i.e., you can only See Spot Run once before you’ve seen it all).

I wonder, what would Hemingway, famous for his short sentences, have to say about writing and the pursuit of the Great American Skinny Jeans?


Apologies. I’m feeling a bit punchy today.



Blogging to write vs writing to blog


What’s true or me today is …

It’s the blogging life for me – or is it? I just spent the last hour researching other lifestyle and writing blogs for ideas about how to strike a work-blog balance. Turns out blogging has a dirty little secret – it’s more time consuming than it seems. Not that I’m complaining – I’ve really enjoyed my evening blogging time.

But, until recently, I hadn’t spent much time thinking about the purpose of my blog; I was just pleased with myself for actually setting it up and sending my words “out there.” But now, words like “goal” and “purpose” and “intention” have entered my sphere of influence and I have to admit, it’s a bit confusing … am I a writer who blogs (i.e., as part of my daily writing practice) or am I a blogger who writes? Does it matter? What would I say if someone posited this dilemma to me?

Well, if it were one of my writing students, I think I my advice would be to stop seeking advice right now. When writing students are new to the writing process, there is often a compulsion to learn how to do it “right,” because the practice can be a bit uncomfortable at first. That’s how I am feeling today – a  bit exposed and uncomfortable, so I am going to follow my own writing advice and focus on the positive, that today, in this moment, I am writing (and sharing my writing), whether as a writer who blogs or whatever.

Nutty, right? Oh, well. I’m sharing this so I can move past it and in the process, perhaps some of you blogging writers and writers who blog (and people who read and love and share and comment on blogs) will relate to what I am saying. Fingers crossed 😉


Feel free to share links to your favorite writing and lifestyle blogs. I’d love to build my community.

Pumpkin muffin parable


What’s true for me today is …

I’m elated – to be blogging in the morning! Pause for a contemplative sigh of appreciation 🙂 I’m typically working at this time, so the opportunity to take a mental health day (overdue) and write about my pumpkin muffin experience (essential), is quite a pleasure.

So …

Last night I made healthy pumpkin spice muffins. Notice, ‘healthy’ was not in quotations. They really were. I made a point to find a healthy recipe because the idea of pouring a cup and a half of sugar into 12 muffins gives me the willies. Instead, I found a recipe for oat flour and flax muffins with a dainty oat and chocolate sprinkle topping–admittedly, the best part. They were lovely (insert mental image of perfectly round, pumpkin-hued muffins with an oat crisp topping – sorry, my camera is broken).

I mean, they were so lovely, I even used a dessert fork for the first few bites. Only, the first few bites where underwhelming. No spice. No sweet. No decadent, lingering first impression. Healthy and filling, and a total let down.

But, why? The muffins had very little sugar, which is what I wanted. They had a great burnt orange color, which is what I wanted. They even had an assortment of fiber and omega-3 ingredients. But–I also wanted to feel pleased with, and proud of my culinary accomplishment, which I didn’t.

Truth be told – the “have your cake and eat it too” conundrum is alive and well folks. We might was well accept it (and blog about it). Personally, I think my pumpkin muffin “moxie” is a metaphor for something – I’m just not sure what yet. Any ideas?



Breaking up is hard to do


What’s true for me today is …

I’m breaking up with my gym expectations, and it has nothing to do with fitness.

The gym is a weird place–people are either too concerned with avoiding eye contact or are concerned with making TOO much eye contact. Whatever happened to normal chit-chat, like elevator conversation but on the gym floor. I know that’s one of the main reasons I go to the gym after work–to relax, de-stress, be around people–and from the nervous way other people linger around the gym equipment it seemed true for them too.

Not so much.

Is the average person simple unable to have a pleasant conversation anymore? I’m starting to think so. And until proven otherwise, I think I’m going kick all other gym expectations and good intentions to the curb. I’m tired of smiling at gym goers while sweating to butchered Michael Jackson remixes. My face hurts 😦 (Not really, I’m just saying.)

What happened to pleasantries, to talking to strangers?

Coffee and the chessboard metaphor


What’s true for me today is …

Right now, you can find me somewhere I am not supposed to be … the too-cool hippie deluxe coffee shop near my apartment building. I have not been here in years, but needed a destination with an outlet for my laptop, which cuts down the choices. So, here I am, remembering all too well why I never come here:

1. The wall art. Not sure my brain can handle the mural-sized painting of dragons at the pyramids.

2. The music. Why does it have to be sooooooooooooo loud?

3. The coffee. It has the right color, at least 🙂

But, before I lend the impression it’s all bad …

What’s ALSO true for me today is … I am enamored (in a platonic way). This coffee shop is a safe harbor for the local, unofficial, chess club. I am watching three games playing out side by side. But, that’s not what’s interesting.

A crowd is watching and I’m watching the kid player, the only one. In specific, I’m watching how he’s asserting himself into the chess-playing fray with such easy. Earlier, he cajoled an onlooker into a game by promising to show him the moves. Now he’s standing guard over a match, waiting to play the winner. I have no idea whether he’s a “good” player. I just think he has a cool attitude (and a lot more confidence than I ever had at twelve or thirteen).


Biscotti on the brain


What’s true for me today is …

Very happy it’s Wednesday, the downward slide towards the weekend and relaxation.

Plus, Wednesday night has become Shop-for-the-Week’s-Treat night. So, after I finish posting, I’m headed to the grocery store to buy  ingredients for tomorrow night’s baking adventure–lemon pistachio biscotti. I’ve never made biscotti, but I have eaten my fair share, so I hope that lends me some credibility in the kitchen. Fingers crossed. I’ll let you know how they turn out. How great would scratch-n-sniff Internet be right now: inhale, tangy lemon zest; exhale …

What does the aroma of fresh lemon remind you of?