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Blogging to write vs writing to blog


What’s true or me today is …

It’s the blogging life for me – or is it? I just spent the last hour researching other lifestyle and writing blogs for ideas about how to strike a work-blog balance. Turns out blogging has a dirty little secret – it’s more time consuming than it seems. Not that I’m complaining – I’ve really enjoyed my evening blogging time.

But, until recently, I hadn’t spent much time thinking about the purpose of my blog; I was just pleased with myself for actually setting it up and sending my words “out there.” But now, words like “goal” and “purpose” and “intention” have entered my sphere of influence and I have to admit, it’s a bit confusing … am I a writer who blogs (i.e., as part of my daily writing practice) or am I a blogger who writes? Does it matter? What would I say if someone posited this dilemma to me?

Well, if it were one of my writing students, I think I my advice would be to stop seeking advice right now. When writing students are new to the writing process, there is often a compulsion to learn how to do it “right,” because the practice can be a bit uncomfortable at first. That’s how I am feeling today – a  bit exposed and uncomfortable, so I am going to follow my own writing advice and focus on the positive, that today, in this moment, I am writing (and sharing my writing), whether as a writer who blogs or whatever.

Nutty, right? Oh, well. I’m sharing this so I can move past it and in the process, perhaps some of you blogging writers and writers who blog (and people who read and love and share and comment on blogs) will relate to what I am saying. Fingers crossed 😉


Feel free to share links to your favorite writing and lifestyle blogs. I’d love to build my community.


Breaking the rules: a Cinderella story


What’s true for me today is …

I’m breaking my own rules (and I like it!).

I have been known to warn my writing students against falling in love with their own words, specifically that all-too-powerful turn of phrase that seems to pop out of nowhere. Why? It’s not Mean Teacher On the Loose behavior; it’s because our words we fall in love with are often the same words the reader finds really distracting. Not fair but true.

So, now you understand why breaking my own rule is a bit unbelievable and ticklish, too.

I can’t help it. I love my new article “Text Abbreviations: An ‘IDTS’ in the Classroom” (and the “somewhat revisionist” telling of the well-loved Cinderella tale it includes). Here’s the link (it’s on page 4 of the college newsletter): http://www.achs.edu/newsletter.aspx?id=7

Once you read it, I’d love to hear your thoughts. Are text abbreviations OK to include in our writing? Personally, not loving. You?